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Eloping in DC

Melissa and Matthew’s Same Day Marriage

Matthew was about to deploy, and the couple decided not to separate without being husband and wife.   So the Universe gave them the perfect day to exchange their vows before a few close relatives, and then provide them with the right officiant to expedite their extemporaneous request.


Elopement Day

August 7, 2015

eloping in DC


Their Vows

I, take you to be my spouse, to stand with you in the great love that binds us,

to honor you, to change with you, to behold the highest meaning of your being,

to learn compassion with you, to suffer with you, to rejoice with you, and always be kind to you.

I promise you this from my heart, with my soul, till death do us part.


jill and edward storz2

Summer Elopements

Outdoor summer elopements are beautiful, as long as, the weather is warm and the sky is welcoming.  This last minute elopement fell into place without a hitch, including hair, makeup, manicure, and bouquet.


jill and edward storz1

Certified Copy of the Marriage Certificate

As proof of marriage, Melissa and Matthew needed to secure a certified copy of their marriage certificate ASAP.  So after enjoying a celebration lunch with relatives, they made a trip back to the DC Marriage Bureau.  Of course, our paths cross there. During that time, I got to know more about Melissa and Matthew’s life.


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Officiant:  Rev. Starlene Joyner Burns

Photography Credit: Miranda Drummond of Catherine Rae Photography

Venue: Thomas Jefferson Memorial


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