Aisle Decorations Don’tsceremony aisle dont's

It is not safe for you or your guests to sit or walk down an aisle next to open flames that are exposed to air.  If the fire is above the rim of the cylindrical (as pictured in the image), your liability for this event increases.

Candlelight can be very beautiful with the right decorations.  They can also be very dangerous when the designed is not suited for the occasion.  The floor candles that you see pictured, may be great on top of a table, but not on the floor.

This image is an example of a poorly designed floating candle lining an aisle.  It’s placed next to seating and the flames can easily ignite any person sitting next to it or someone walking down the aisle with flammable flowing clothing.

If  your willing to take the risk, then we recommend that you buy wedding insurance that covers liability or use lanterns.  Lanterns will contain the flames within its house.  Some wedding planners have a supply of these that may not cost you anything when booking their services.