The Processional (Traditional/Small)

(Seating is done with or without music)
Seating of the groom’s/partner 2 mother
Seating of the bride’s/partner 1 mother

(Music for entrance of minister, groom/partner 2 and best man/lady is optional – We can already be standing in position, enter from a side door, or be part of the processional.)

Groom/Partner 2
Best Man or Best Lady or Best Person

(Music may change here)

Bridesmaid(s) – Groomsman/men/people
Maid or Matron of Honor
Ring Bearer(s)

Aisle runner is rolled out.

Flower Girl(s)
(Music changes here – this is your key to enter the room)

Bride/Partner 1 escorted by someone (The bride/partner 1 is on the escort’s left arm)

All guests stand for the entrance of the bride/partner1. The groom/partner 2 should step forward as the bride approaches. The father will usually kiss and/or hug the bride/partner 2 just before handing her off to the groom/partner2. The father should take the groom’s/partner2 left hand and the bride/partner 1 right hand then join them. The father may even want to say something brief to the groom/partner2. He stands with the bride/partner 1 until he is asked “Who presents this ____ in marriage?” After he replies, he seats himself.

Then the ceremony begins.

The couple faces each other during the ceremony, vow and ring exchange.

The Recessional

(The music begins right after the presentation of couple)

Bride/Partner1 and Groom/Partner2
Flower Girl and Ring Bearer
Maid of Honor and Best man/Best Lady
Bridesmaid(s) and Groomsman/men
Parents of the Bride/Partner1
Parents of the Groom/Partner2

Note: The processional and recessional do not have to be traditional. Everything is changeable; nothing is carved in stone. It all depends on the type of wedding being performed and what you want to do. Smaller weddings can be more casual.

Rev. Burns has coordinated more than 725 wedding rehearsals from the processional (beginning) to the recessional (end). If you would like for her to direct your rehearsal; kindly let us know.