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We Love Celebrating Gay Marriagesdc same sex marriages

Many couples come to the hottest place in the United States, “Washington DC” to tie the knot.  The wedding industry in DC is inviting to all couples, regardless of their sexual orientation or ethnicity.  Love is love, and your happiness is what matters to us.

At The DC Marriage Knot, we work hard to ensure that all DC same sex marriages are special.  From the wedding location to the vows you speak will highlight the moment you and your family will treasure for years to come.


DC Vendor Connections

We work with some of the best wedding planners in the Nation Capital.  If you are planning a signature event, we will make sure that you have one of the best wedding planners to assist you in making your DC wedding effortless and stress free.

The DC Marriage Knot is not a wedding planning business.  So for the DIY couples, we will suggest wedding locations, photographers, videographers and even places to stay.  This is because we want to help you have an awesome time in DC with the least amount of stress possible.

Our highly recommended wedding planners, are more qualified to help you with all the logistics of your day, such as; hotel arrangements, flights, venues, vendors, and every little nuance of your special day.  Whether you’re planning a wedding from afar or locally, a good planner can be an invaluable asset to the production of your event.


Same Sex Marriage Locationsdc gay marriage

A small ceremony can be held in the comfort of your home, by the DC waterfront, your hotel suite, or some place you find special.


Marriage Licenses

This is your wedding day and The DC Marriage Knot will do everything to help you understand and navigate the DC marriage law.  And we are available to secure your DC marriage license for you via proxy.

If you prefer to marry in Maryland or Virginia, that’s fine too.  But we will not be able to secure your marriage license via proxy in those states.

We are not new to providing marriage services to same gender loving couples.  We have been active in the movement for marriage equality since 2004.


Wedding Officiant for Your Gay Marriage

Some people really don’t know anything about our lead minister, Rev. Starlene Joyner Burns and her fight for marriage equality.  If you like to know more, click one of the following links:  GayWeddings.comEquality Illinois listed Rev. Starlene Joyner Burns as a “National Religious Leader Supporting Marriage Equality”, BmoreInclusivesExaminar.comWashington PostMD Faith Equality ChannelWashington Blade.

If Rev. Burns’ background and advocacy fits your description for a DC wedding officiant, call today.  She is a firm believer of those supporting marriage equality as the true liberals, democrats, independents, Christians, Buddhists; and all in between; that will respect, embrace, and support the work she does.

Many people call same sex marriages – gay weddings, gay marriages, or civil marriages. But your ceremony is a regular marriage that can be civil/secular, religious/Christian, or spiritual. Remember this is your special day and your ceremony should reflect your beliefs, values, and vision.

dc same sex marriages


Officiant’s Previous Site

Our DC Gay Weddings sister site is being replaced by The DC Marriage Knot. We stand strong on the integration of both same sex marriages and traditional ones. Separation is never the answer to equality. Integration is the only way we can truly be united as one.

We will be so happy to see the day when these terms are no long used to describe a marriage: DC same sex marriages, gay marriages, gay weddings, civil union, commitment ceremonies, lesbian weddings or civil marriages.  In addition, we have created a DC Gay Marriage FAQ page to address any concerns you may have.

So call today, 800-893-1259, or Book Now with one of  our well known wedding officiants.