Outdoor Weddings

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Late evening weddings in August is often a surprise, because the sun begins to set sooner.  So plan your outside event while the sun is still bright and clear.

Before booking your time with the venue, check to see when the sun will set on your special day.  Click the image to the right.

Bees and Gnats

I have done weddings at venues where there was an absence of bugs.  And I have done weddings where there was a constant fanning of bees; while the gnats would settle in the fabric of the bride’s dress.  So ask the event coordinator at the venue you choose about their flying neighbors.


Consider your guests and elderly family members sitting in the sweltering heat while supporting you.  The heat can be pretty overwhelming for them especially while dressed in formal clothing.

So provide:

  • Ice cold drinking water
  • Fans
  • Start your wedding on time or a few minutes afterwards, but do not delay your wedding more than 10 minutes.  It’s not fair to them to have to wait in temperatures above 80º.