Unity Candle

On a nice day with a gentle breeze, it can take a long time for parents to light candles  And the same applies to the couple.unity candle lighting

You can try avoiding this by using hurricane covers.  But these covers will not stop the heat from melting the wax and causing the candles to distort and flop under their own weight.

Therefore, I suggest using oil based candles for your outdoor candle ritual..

One of the most embarrassing moments at a wedding is when a couple moves to the table to light the unity candle only to find no lighter.

Please don’t forget the lighter.  

This ritual brings together the light of the soul of both the bride and the groom.  It also symbolizes the joining of two sets of families and friends.  

Using a unity candle should only be done when there are true intentions of creating a harmonious relationship with in-laws and others.  It should be avoided if there is disharmony within the families towards the bride or groom, because the strife will not abate, but will intensify.

If this ritual is a must have, let your officiant know about the family differences.  The ritual’s purpose can be scripted to create harmony towards the bride or groom and burn away any negative energy of the past, present, or future that can interfere with the newlywed’s marriage.  

In addition, the ritual can be created to exclude the mentioning of families and friends, so that only the joining of the bride and groom’s flames of love into a new life together will be the point of focus.

It is important to communicate with your officiant, so that he/she can create a ritual that reflects your true desire and will.