Aisle Runner

Idc wedding officiants have watched many pullers work hard trying to figure out what to do, while 100’s of people looked on.  Even though this may seem like a simple job, it becomes problematic when nature works against one’s efforts.

To make this job easier for the puller, I suggest that you provide him with the right tools.  Equip him with some heavy duty tape and a pocket knife (just in case he needs it), and substitute the cord with a long rope.

Secure the runner at 2 – 3 feet intervals on both sides with one of the below suggestions:

  • colored pouches full of stones or sand
  • balloon weights
  • small votives with lights (battery operated, not fire)

This prevents the runner from taking off to distant places across the lawn, while keeping it smooth and straight.

I highly recommend that an aisle runner is not used on grass unless you have purchased one specifically for that purpose.

When a runner is used on grass, heels will poke through it.  This can cause a bride to be thrown off balance, and the runner to tear.

If you are not planning on wearing flats, wedge heels, or securing the runner; then consider an alternative.

Cheap aisle runners can be more problems than you can imagine.  Consider buying a more expensive runner to avoid any embarrassment.