Rehearsal Logistics for the Ceremony

Standing at the Altar

Left side                                                     Right side
(bride) Partner 2                                                         Partner 1(groom)
(Man/Maid) Person of Honor                                                                                                                                                    Best Person (Man/Lady)


The men hold their right hand over their left and stand naturally on a diagonal.

The Processional (Music)
Person of Honor (optional)
Bride/Partner 2 is escorted by her/his father or someone else (She is on the person’s left arm)

Once they reach the altar space, he/she waits for me to ask
“Who presents this _____ in marriage?”

After his/her reply (I do or we do, or ____ mother and I do),
They face each other;
Father or mother lifts the bridal veil, kisses her cheek,
Shakes the (groom / partner 1’s) hand,
Place the (bride’s /partner 2 right hand into the (groom / partner’s 1) left hand.
The escort steps back.

Info: Since we have cultural and sexual differences this rehearsal info should only be used as a point of reference and not a rule of thumb. In a Jewish wedding the bride is on the right, while in a Christian wedding the bride is on the left.   For same sex couples with two brides or two grooms (a relationship of equals) the couple decides which side to stand.

The couple then faces each other.

The Ceremony Begins

The couple looks into each other eyes during the expression of intent and vow exchange. They also hold each other’s hands during the exchange of their vow.

Tip: It is rude for the couple to engage in lengthy dialogue during the ceremony. The officiant will think they are not serious about the marriage.

Rituals: Exchange of vows (bridal bouquet is handed to the maid/person of honor)
Ring exchange (the couple give each other hand the rings goes on)
Kiss (couple embrace and kiss)

Presentation of the couple: The couple turns and faces their guest.

Friends and family I present to you (Mr. & Mrs. ___) / ( ___ & ___ as life partners)